I offer supervision to practitioners from a variety of backgrounds who are qualified to Diploma level or above, whether working privately or in an organisational setting.

As a supervisor, I create a space for you to bring the dilemmas, disturbances, and delights that arise in your client work. I aim to be a resource to help you sustain yourself as a practitioner, allowing you to grow and develop while practising safely and ethically. I offer alternative perspectives, an active and informed witness to your work, a degree of challenge, and a partner in thinking and feeling through the difficulties that arise in working with your clients.

If you are interested in working with me please get in touch using the contact form. The next step is for us to have an initial conversation of around half an hour, to explore whether we are a good fit. There is no fee for this initial exploration.

My normal fee for supervision is £60/session and sessions last an hour.

I can work with you either face to face or over video. In the latter case, I am always keen to explore the scope for at least some face to face opportunities, when circumstances permit.