Online Workshop: Working with Clients Who have “Grown Up too Fast” – Mon 24 April 2023

Many clients creatively come up with an idea of what it is to be an adult when they are still very young, e.g because their life situation demanded they take on responsibilities that belonged to those looking after them. Unsurprisingly, such ideas of what it is to be an adult are often self-limiting. But they can be very persistent, preventing the person from developing a less self-limiting and richer conception of adulthood. Working with this type of issue can be difficult, as the client often appears (to themselves and to the practitioner) as more able and more sorted than they actually are.

Using a series of client case studies the workshop will look at:

  • spotting when clients are operating with a version of adulthood that was invented by them when they were a child helping clients understand that how they are being an adult now is just
  • one way of being an adult and that they are alternatives they might prefer
  • creative ways of working with a client to figure out the kind of adult they’d like to be
  • gentle ways of helping let the person let go of the child’s version of adulthood, while honouring the protection and service it has done for them in the past

This workshop will be recorded and you can use the ticket function to pre-purchase the recording before the event. This will be useful for colleagues who are not able to attend the event live and also for those who attend the event live and want to watch again.