Online session: Maps & Gaps – NETAC Sat 6 Nov 2021

I’m looking forward to contributing to the online day of this year’s North East Transactional Analysis Conference. I’m going to be doing the closing session of what looks like a great day. In my session I’ll be exploring some ideas about frames of reference – or “our maps of the world”. I’ll be building on some of the material in chapter 16 of Talking It Better and also relating it to some of the other workshops on the day.

Closing Plenary: Maps and Gaps – Putting the Concept of Frames of Reference to Practical Use

Matthew Elton, Diploma in Transactional Analysis Counselling (CPTI. Edinburgh)

When our clients have different maps of the world from other important people in their lives, how can we help them manage the tensions that will arise without either pathologising others or themselves? Frames of reference can be so all encompassing that it’s hard to see outside of them. And even when we can intellectually see beyond them, in a theoretical way, this is not always enough. We’ll explore some practical techniques for helping people reflect on their own and others’ maps of the world and to both intellectually and viscerally see beyond them.