Re-Writing Life Stories – Narrative Therapy workshop

Workshop at TA Through the Ages Conference, Edinburgh, November 2007

From the handout: “In narrative therapy people are invited to find new ways to tell their story… Through various techniques – such as ‘externalising the problem’ – the person is invited to discover alternative storylines that have been waiting in the shadows. The invitation is not just for different stories, but stories that open-up instead of limiting possibilities for action and for living.”

Grand Designs – insights from young people at risk of homelessness

grand_designsGrand_Designs‘ was an activity that I helped create for young people in 2007. We asked young people to come up with proposals for the design and operation of a supported accommodation unit. I was inspired by the young people’s creativity and focus on the day. The results are written up in this short briefing.

More on young people and homelessness can be found at

Review: two books on ‘Free Will’

TLSA book review I wrote for the Times Literary Supplement in 2003. From the review: “Science seems to portray us as complex lumps of matter, whereas common-sense sees us as rational, free, and conscious agents. Can we reconcile these two pictures?”

This version includes the spelling error that the sub-editor and I both missed, but one TLS reader and letter writer did not. Can you spot it?